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Armadyl GodWars Boss Guide

Tera Chaos' Guide to Fighting Armadyl.
The Guide on Surviving/Defeating Armadyl's Eyrie.

Table of Contents.

* 0. - Disclaimer.
* 1.0 - Introduction And Quest Requirements.
* 1.2 - The Location.
* 1.5 - Statistic recommendations
* 2.0 - Breaking down the gear.
* 3.0 - The drops
* 4.0 - The REAL LOOT.
* 5.0 - The Monsters.
* 6.0 - The Method.
* 6.5 - My Method.
* 6.6 - Other Gear Sets.
* 7.0 - Helpful Tips.
* 8.0 - Frequently Asked Questions.



0. - Disclaimer.
This is a Disclaimer to the guide, although you are reading this and may be able to use it for good, does not mean that everytime you go to Armadyl succesfully you will get anything your heart desires, I have made this guide only from Experience within the Eyrie. Although I have obtained every item it has to offer. I HAVE Solo'd Armadyl plenty of times, but every other time i go with a friend.[/blink]

1.0 - Introduction
Armadyl, The Range ONLY section of the Godwar dungeon. It has a required 70 range to enter. as boring as range is this is where it finally pays off. The Armadyl Eyrie is home to some of the Only flying creatures, thus making them absolutely immune to the strong yet short range melee weapons. the only question you should be asking yourself is do you have what it takes. If you are good enough you can Solo Armadyl. Usually up to only 1-2 Trips though. But if you are novice it is recommended to go into groups of 2-4.

- Quests.
* Death Plateau (Required to do Troll Stronghold.)
* Troll Stronghold (Required to Do Edgars Ruse.)
* Eadger’s Ruse (Grants Access to the Trollheim Teleport.)
* Temple of Ikov (Grants Access to the use of the Armadyl Pendant)

1.2 - The Location - Armadyl's lair is located within the Godwars Dungeon. Near Trollheim.

This is a Map. The Blue Represents The Trail To Go There. (It Turns From Blue to Red Representing Caution). The Red represents The Area at risk of Throw Trolls, which can quickly eat away at your Life. Use Protect From range and run through this area. Upon reaching the Snowy Area, Simply Push aside the Boulder and run towards the GodWar Dungeon, if this is your first time a Rope is needed to gain access, Though Afterwards you will never need it again.


1.5 - Statistic Recommendations
For decent results High Defense and Range are a Must.

The Lower the Stats you have, the more difficult time you may have while facing Armadyl's Eyrie.

* 70+ defence, The higher it is, The better chance to avoid possible damage.
* 80+ range, The higher it is, The more damage you can dish out.
* 40 + Prayer, The minimum prayer for Protect from Range style attacks, without it attempts are futile, the higher the better.
* 60+ Strength, for moving the boulder blocking your way to GodWars.
* 60+ Agility, for using the agility crack to make your way to GodWars.



2.0 - Breaking down the gear.

A Screenshot of "Poverty" Gear, Although not as extravagant as the currently used sets, it is cheap and affordable, as well as it gets the job done.

* The gear, by far the most important part of Godwars, depending on what your statistics are you may want to mix things up to find out what suits and compliments your Stats better, either by raising your Defense and lowering your range, or Vice Versa. It is up to you to make that choice for better or for worse.

- Helmet: Armadyl Helmet/Archer Helm/God Coif/ Barrows Helm.

- Torso (Chest Piece): Armadyl Platebody/God D'hide Body/ Barrows Body.

- Leg: Armadyl Skirtplate/God D'hide Legs/ Barrows Legs

- Shield: God Book / Obsidian Shield/ Granite Shield/ Dragon Square Shield./Crystal Shield.

- Gloves: Barrows Gloves/ God Vambraces / Black Dragonhide.

- Boots: Dragon boots/ Snakeskin boots/Ranger boots (Be careful you might die.)

- Ring: No ring is Necessary. But a Ring of wealth or Archer Ring may be used.

- Weapon: Rune C' bow

- Cape: Cape of Achievement (Same Statistics as Obsidian Cape)/ God Cape/ Ava’s Accumulator

- Bow / Crossbow: Adamant Bolts/ Ruby (e) Bolts./ Diamond (e) bolts./ Mithril Bolts.

- Amulet / Necklace: Armadyl Pendant, Almost considered a Necessity. Without it Multiple monsters will attack you, increasing your rate of unnecessary damage. This pendant can be obtained during the Temple of Ikov quest, after you reach the seclusive Armadyl Knights and choose to fight alongside of them. Or if you choose to help Lucien, Simply kill the Armadyl Knights UNTIL You obtain an Armadyl Pendant.

- Inventory Breakdown.

Adamant Bolts are Key to Dealing with Avansies, As they are powerful and inexpensive (Mithril and below may be used as a weaker substitute), As you save your Ruby (e) Bolts for Kree'Arra and other powerful monsters. (Using Ruby (e) may hit 50+ Against Kree'Arra But take note that whenever the Special effect of the Ruby (e) bolt activates, 10% of your Current Hitpoints are sacrificed. *Not Overall Hitpoints*).

The Mith Grapple is Essential to Getting across the Ravine Towards The Armadyl Boss.

Saradomin Brew -Key Potion as it not Only heals but increases Defense. I usually take about 15 of these.

Super Restore - Key Potion as it Not only Counter-acts the side effects of the Saradomin Brew, But Increases your Prayer as well. I usually take about 8 of these.

Ruby (E) Information Provided by ------------N-Sycho------------
Ruby Bolts (e), can hit UP TO 20% of the monsters hp, for UP TO 10% of yours - which means that you won't always hit 20% on the boss, and you won't always get hit 10% of your current hp, sometimes you'll hit a little lower. Also, sometimes the two damages won't match either e.g. the bolts hit only a 3 on me (I was at full hp), but a full 51 on the Kree'ara.



3.0 - The Drops - acquired During the 40 Killcount against Aviansies.

Clues Scrolls: Level 3. Valuable among many people. Though I don't bother picking them up myself.

Rune Daggers.

Rune Crossbow limbs.

Rune Javelins.

Half Keys.

Adamant Bars. (Noted X4 - The main source of income if you intend to chill out with the Avansies for a long time.

Herbs. (A very large assortment of them).

Cooked Swordfish (UnNoted X5) - For Long Term Success I advise These to Substitute the use of Potions.



Silver Ore.

Uncut Gems.

Anti-poison Pots.


4.0 - The REAL LOOT
This is the List of the Most Sought out Earnings From Armadyl.

Armadyl Hilt - Dropped by Kree'Arra - used to Make the Armadyl Godsword which is Arguably the Strongest weapon in Runescape. Currently worth Multi-Millions.

GodSword Shards. (Dropped From Every Godwar Dungeons set of Boss'. Used to make a GodSword)

Armadyl Gear - Armadyl Boss' may Drop an Armadyl Helmet, Chestplate, or Leggings. Which Look Great but range even Better.

5.0 - The Monsters.

The monsters listed below are the creatures you will face within Armadyl's Eyrie. Avansies, Spiritual Mages AND spiritual Rangers can all be easily avoided from multi-combat when wearing the ARMADYL PENDANT. But when you attack then they will fight back, but most of all be warned, all of Kree'Arra's body-gaurds (Including Kree'Arra himself) will attack you as soon as you breach their stronghold, regardless of an Armadyl Pendant or not.

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 768 x 500 ] - Click to view full image


* Avansies - Armadyl's Only Minions, they come in variety of 69-148. And drop a wide assortment of things, it is recommended to stay within the main section of the Godwars Dungeon for these, as the ones near Kree'Arra are stronger.

* Spiritual Mage - Armadyl's Version of a Spiritual Monster, attacks with Magic.
* Spiritual Ranger - Armadyl's Version of a Spiritual Monster, attacks with Range.

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 768 x 500 ] - Click to view full image

A Collage of pictures while Fighting Kree.

* Kree'Arra Level 580. 255 HITPOINTS
The Tough one to watch out for when inside it's lair. Can hit 60+ Without Protect from range on so prayer is a must, Just be careful to watch for your HP. High Range defense and overall defense are highly recommended. Do not think that Just because your using Protect from Range you are Invincible, Kree'Arra can also hit you with Melee and mage attacks, And can also stun you temporarily as well as knock you back with it's powerful gusts of wind. When Kree'Arra is alive and kicking I advise sticking against the walls and making sure your health is above half. When Kree'Arra is close to you she can deliver brutal melee attacks that combined with Skree and Kilisa, can prove to be sometimes quite fatal. While Kree is alive do expect to get Melee'd sometimes, her fierce claws can deal 20+ quick and without warning, although it has only been displayed when she is focusing her attacks on you WHILE YOU ARE NOT ATTACKING HER, this is a common method of killing when players get their hp low to a surprisingly cautious point, as she will deal the killing melee blow combined with the efforts of one or more of her minions. Her big frame is also used to her advantage, depending on where you are during one of her attacks you may find yourself teleported to another side of her, this is common, just be sure to not lose focus and stay wary of your overall hitpoints.

(Drops Super defence potion (3), Ranging potion (3), Black D'hide Body, Grimy Herbs, 21 Rune bolts, Rune crossbow, Coins.)

* Wingman Skree.
The Magician of the Armadyl Gang. Protect from mage is Optional when dealing with him AFTER KREE'ARRA HAS BEEN DEFEATED.
(Skree it is essential to use mage if more than one person are there, saves alot of hops as long as flockleader is being taken care of by another person)

* Flockleader Geerin - Flockleader is a Ranger, so as usual Use Protect from range.

* Flight Kilisa - Kilisa is a melee bird, hit her once after Kree'Arra is dead and she will leave you alone until you are ready to fight her.


6.0 - The Method.

Reduced: 77% of original size [ 660 x 646 ] - Click to view full image

This Map shows the GodWar Dungeon.

* The Red Square Represents the Spawn Point of a Level 69 Avansie, The lowest leveled Armadyl Minion, I recommend this one when trying to Increase your KillCount with the lowest Amount of Damage. (Without Using Prayer).

The Gorak will be more than happy too help you as it disposes of all available Avansies.

* The Green Square Represents a Gorak. A Powerful Zamorak Minion that has the Tendency to attack Armadyl Avansies unprovoked, watching this monsters battle it out is somewhat enjoyable, then when the avansies HP is low Defeat it for The drops, and +1 to your Kill Count.

* The Yellow Square Represents the Mith Grapple Point, if you do not have one you cannot cross this path to head towards Kree'Arra.

* The Purple Square Represents the Area that Stores Spiritual Rangers and Mages, as well as the more Powerful Avansies. (Spiritual Monsters grant players Dragon Boots as a rare drop).

6.5 - My Method.

This is how I prefer to do Armadyl.

Which Brings us back to this Screenshot.

The Guthans Body and Granite Shield Supply a deserving amount of Range defense.

I prefer to conserve my Potions for The Big Fight, rather then waste them on Avansies, so I use more items that give a Range Defense bonus. Instead of using Prayer I just fight through the kill Count, taking in damage while conserving my Saradomin Brews and Prayer. Eventually an Avansie will drop a Swordfish Drop (Yes, They Drop 5 Un-noted Swordfish Rarely). To Replenish my Hitpoints, Eventually you will have 40 Kills. With a Full Inventory of (4) dose Potions. (Sexy Yes I know). Which will give you the opportunity to Fight Harder and Longer against Kree'Arra and his body-guards.

Please note - I can only Kill Armadyl Solo'ing 1-2 Times. (82 Defense. 80 Range, 91 HP, 70 Prayer). But in large groups the numbers of kills vastly increase.

6.6 - Other Gear Sets: Here lies other sets of gear provided by other people, you will most likely find something that suits you here. (If you would like your Gear to be provided in this Guide, Simply Put a Picture up with your Inventory, a few facts about it *Atleast 5*. And underneath the Image saying "Yes I would like this Picture to be Displayed in This Guide".

Increased Range defence, lowered Range attack (the aviansie have pretty low defence, but they hit hard):

Increased Magic defence, Increased Range attack, lowered Range defence
1. Once you're in boss chamber, Range defence doesn't matter as you'll be range-protecting the whole time
2. You'll need good Range attack to hit through the bosses defence
3. Dragon Sq gives more meelee defence than obby shield (you could get meelee'd in Boss chamber)
4. You'll need very high magic defence in case Wingman Skree attacks you, because you can't mage-protect while the Boss is on you.



7.0 - Helpful Tips: Take 2 Teleport to Trollheim and a ring of dueling, teleport once to Trollheim, drop 2 potions (either Saradomin brew or Super Restore), use your ring of dueling to Castlewars, get to more pots, use your last teleport to Trollheim, and pick up the pots you previously dropped, you will then have filled up the empty 2 spaces you recieved when using teleport to Trollheim.

If soloing, If you have killed Kree'Arra once, and don't think you have enough potions for another kill, u can kill the smaller bosses easily by staying in the middle of Kree'Arra's shadow, she gets confused and wont be able to hit you. Though watch for her to melee attack you if she moves to where she can hit you, also nice for eating Saradomin brews to avoid her melee attack.

Diamond (e) bolts are also better for soloing as you wont lose life, unlike the ruby, and using Ruby (e) bolts for the first half of Kree'Arra's life for max hits, then switching to Diamond (e) bolts for the second half, whether solo or team is nice to do.


8 - Frequently Asked Questions.

Q) What do I do if I lose my Armadyl Pendant?
A) Go back to the Armadyl Knights inside the Temple of Ikov.

Q) How do I obtain an Armadyl Pendant if I chose to Help Lucien?
A) Kill the Armadyl Knights, eventually they will drop an Armadyl Pendant.

Q) Do I need a Mith Grapple to reach the Eyrie?
A) Yes

Q) What quest is required for the Teleport to Trollheim Spell?
A) You must complete Edgars Ruse to use Trollheim Teleport.